Blind Tasting - Dan Cong Winter vs. Spring - December 2018

$28.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Each month we will release a limited quantity of blind tasting sampler sets! Make sure to get yours now before they are gone!

Hone your skills and challenge your senses to a YS Blind Tasting Sampler! This is a "no hold barred" sampler open to a selection of Dan Cong Winter vs. Spring.

In blind tastings, the tasters are kept unaware of the identities of the samples. The blind approach is used in the wine tasting world (as well as other fine food and drink) to ensure impartiality in the judgment of the quality of the sample during competitions or for the purpose of evaluation. It’s also just a fun and interesting way to discover new teas that you would otherwise not normally choose. This is our Blind Tasting Sampler for Dan Cong Winter vs. Spring.

There are 5 teas in total, you will get 25 grams of each.  We have labelled them A, B, C, D

When you are ready to reveal the identities of the tea in this set, CLICK HERE to download the PDF key.