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Ban Pen Village "Emperor's Golden Pu-erh" Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This "Emperor's Golden Pu-erh" 茶皇 is an incredibly laborious tea to produce.  A wet pile batch made from Ban Pen Village spring harvested tea leaves (Bu Lang Mountains, Menghai) was graded and then the golden pu-erh was hand-separated from the various grades.  Then the tea was aged for one year in Menghai, giving it an incredibly smooth and sweet taste without much wet pile taste.  Further aging will bring this tea into a state of smooth perfection!

Smooth, creamy, sweet, velvety and thick ripe tea.  Totally unique and worth of the title "Emperor"!

Ban Pen Village harvested tea (Bu Lang Mountains, Menghai County)

2018 Harvested and wet-piled

To get the tea in the pictured please select: Quantity - 1 Caddy (60 Grams)

Also available as loose leaf without the caddy (25, 100, and 250 grams).

Limited Quantity!

After arriving leave lid cracked open for a week or two to allow newish taste to dissipate!