Assamica Sun-Dried Silver Needles White Pu-erh tea * Spring 2016

$7.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Most Silver Needles white tea originates from a hybrid varietal and is air-dried (not sun-dried).  These Silver Needles are picked from the same Pure Assamica bushes that produce pu-erh. Our Sun-Dried Silver Needles are a Spring harvest picked in early May in Da Hu Sai village in Mengku county of Lincang.  Just the young tips are picked and then carefully processed with wilting, frying rolling, wilting again and then finally dried in the warm sun.

The taste of the brewed tea is smooth, with a sweet cinnamon, pear and grass taste.  Some mild astringency is present due to it being pure Assamica.  Can go severals rounds without losing taste.

A very enjoyable white tea/white pu-erh that can be aged in the short term for great complexity!

May 2016 Harvest