2018 "Drunk on Red" Set of 3 Cakes

$23.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Quantity: Set of 3 Cakes (3片套组)

This is a set of all three of the 2018 "Drunk on Red" Sun-Dried Black Tea cakes.  One cake is purely black tea, the other is black tea and osmanthus flower and the third is black tea and snow chrysanthemum buds.

The black tea used in this series is a blend from both the Mengku and Feng Qing area of Lincang.  Both Autumn harvested black teas processed with sun-drying technique (晒红) .  The tea is picked, wilted, fried, bruised by rolling, wet withered, and then finally sun-dried in it's final stage (much like raw pu-erh mao cha).  

When sun-drying is applied in the final stage as opposed to heat-drying, the result is a black tea that is more subtle when young, but ages very well over the coming years.  Younger sun-dried black teas also tend to steep longer and display more character in the middle to later steeps. 

This is a strong black tea with plenty of depth and complexity that will age wonderfully, developing honey sweetness and earthy spice character after just a few years.

There are 3 cakes in the set!

100 Grams Per Cake (300 grams of tea total)