2017 Mojun Fu Cha "Chen Xiang Wan Yan" Fu Brick Tea

$55.00 USD

Brand: Mojun Fu Cha

Mojun Fu Cha is the oldest current producer of Fu Cha in Shaanxi.  They select tea leaves grown in Hunan and Yunnan to produce their incredibly unique Fu tea replete with "Golden Flowers" (Eurotium cristatum).   The Mojun Fu Cha process is unique and safeguarded, producing a delicious warm Fu Cha that is also cha qi laden.

This tea is collected from Hunan, Yuanling County, and Madiyi Township. It is the hometown of ecological organic tea in China. It uses its small-leaf first-grade black tea (one year old) as the main material to be fragrant, selected and picked. It is refined by more than 10 processes and is pressed by a machine, with a net weight of 400 grams. The tea bricks are flat, dark brown, oily, and golden flowers in the bricks are lush. When drinking, the aroma is pure, sweet, the mouth is mellow, smooth, rich in golden flowers fragrance, the soup is orange-red and oily.

"Chen Xiang Wan Yan" is one of the more premium Fu Brick, combining high quality processing and a high density of "Golden Flowers" using a unique blend of Hunan mao cha (Harvested in 2017) that was processed in the Mojun's facility in 2017 and pressed in 2017.  The tea brews up a sweet, bright yellow-orange tea soup, with a long-lasting after-taste and full body.  This is a smoother and sweeter tea than the (also very good) Mojun Yi Hao Fu Brick!

400 Grams per brick

2017 Pressing

ALLERGEN ALERT!!!   ** Because there is a possibility the golden flowers were inoculated using wheat flour we cannot guarantee this tea is safe for those with Celiac Disease or those that have severe gluten induced allergies **