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2015 Wuzhou Tea Factory "Duoteli Liu Bao Tea" in Gift Box

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Produced by the Wuzhou division of the China Tea Company (Guangxi Zhong Cha) for their "Duoteli" sub-brand using the traditional wet piling technique!  This is a wonderful example of what a well processed traditional style Liu Bao tea can taste like in it's infancy.  Despite having not been aged this tea is very complex and drinkable.  Lacking the newish wet pile taste.  Instead it's chocolately with hints of betel nut.  The tippy grade of the leaves used gives the tea a sweet almost creamy character.

This is a truly premium Liu Bao that can be enjoyed now or aged to bring out it's special "chen hua" character.

500 grams per box