2013 Three Cranes 35035 Liu Bao Tea from Guangxi

$10.75 USD

Brand: Three Cranes Brand (Wuzhou Tea Factory)

35035 is the recipe number for this lovely light fermented Liu Bao tea from the oldest producer of Liu Bao in Guangxi (Three Cranes / Wuzhou Tea Factory).  Much like ripe pu-erh tea, liu bao is wet piled for for several weeks to allow fermentation to take place.  The degree of fermentation depends on the amount of time the tea is wet piled and can differ depending on the intended outcome. ) The 35035 is wet piled for about 20 days and still retains much of it's "green" character.  The result is a hyper smooth tea with umami, flower and savory soupiness.

This has been stored in 7 kilogram baskets since 2013 in Wuzhou (Guangxi).  The wet storage conditions there have fast aged this tea, but at the same time the tea is not funky or moldy.  If you want to purchase a 7 kilogram basket in a Three Cranes branded cloth cover please contact us!