2013 Three Cranes 0307 Liu Bao Hei Cha Mini Cake

$18.50 USD

Brand: Three Cranes Brand (Wuzhou Tea Factory)

Weight: 1 Cake (100 Grams)

0307 is a 2003 recipe for Liu Bao medium-light fermentated material for pressing cakes.  Typically the Three Cranes Brand Liu Bao mini cakes are made from lighter fermentation tea leaves and are pressed with the intention of aging.  In the case of this 2013 0307 cake, it was aged for 2+ years and then pressed in 2015.  The aging as loose leaf gives it a head start and when pressed from wettish material the cakes will age faster and better.


The 0307 cake we are offering here is smooth and reminds me a bit of Taiwan aged raw pu-erh.  It's got a thick mouth-feel and kind of freshly cut flower stems quality to it.  Sweet with astringency, mushroom earthiness, but always thick and enlivening in the mouth and body.


2013 material, 2015 pressing date.

100 grams per cake

From the Three Cranes WuZhou (Guang Xi) Tea Factory