2013 Chen Sheng Hao "Nannuo Shan" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$100.00 USD

Brand: Chen Sheng Hao

This 2013 Spring Nannuo Shan production is a blend of Nannuo mountain area villages. Nan Nuo Mountainous area is one of the earliest tea cultivation areas in the world, with tea cultivation dating back well over 1500 years. Nannuo Shan area straddles the border of Menghai County and Jinghong County (Xishuangbanna).

The tea has been stored in Guangdong since 2013 and the hot and humid storage has helped it along by transforming it's rough young nature into something more mature that gives us a glimpse into it's future! The tea is so sweet and thick, with notes of honeysuckle and rock sugar. The tea soup is golden-yellow, viscous and pungent. Th tea gives a nice mouth-watering effect, but never dries the mouth or throat. The taste and feeling of tea lingers long after drinking. An excellent Nannuo Shan Raw Pu-erh in this price range!

357 grams per cake!
2013 Spring Harvest