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2012 Hai Lang Hao "Yang Chun San Yue" Wild Arbor Pu-erh Tea of Yi Wu

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Brand: Hai Lang Hao

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"Yang Chun San Yue" means Springtime March. This is Hai Lang's first production of 2012. It's a wild arbor (not ancient arbor) tea picked in Mid-March from the village of Zhang Jia Wan in mountains of Yi Wu. Zhang Jia Wan teas are some of the highest altitude trees in Yi Wu, significantly higher than Yi Wu town. The tea is a small production of 110 kilograms and was stone-pressed in the traditional manner with a 40 kilogram stone press. The tea itself is quite powerful in aroma, but balanced taste. Some bitterness but little astringency. An affordable high quality Yi Wu tea that will benefit greatly from aging.

Tea weight: 400 grams
March 2011