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2010 Nan Jian "Phoenix Ripe Tuo" Organic Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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Brand: Nan Jian Tu Lin Brand

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The classic original ripe tuo cha from the Nan Jian Tu Lin tea factory.  Made since the 1980's this ripe tuo is comprised of wet piled (wo dui fermentation) tea leaves that were grown organically in the Wu Liang Mountains of Yunnan.  

Aged for 7 years in Guangdong has given this tea an aged taste, with sweet camphor taste and a long lasting after-taste that is soothing.  The tea soup is a deep burgundy red-brown color.  The tea can be infused many round before losing flavor.  


A lovely affordable certified organic tuo cha!


100 grams per tuo, 5 tuo per bag

Certified Organic by OFDC China (not USDA or IFOAM certified)