2010 Bai Sha Xi "Tian Jian" Hunan Hand-Roasted Hei Cha * 50 grams

$16.50 USD

Brand: Bai Sha Xi

Weight: 1 Box (50 Grams)

A relatively rare production from the Bai Sha Xi tea factory in An Hua county of Hunan.  Tian Jian tea is created through a special fermentation process that takes longer than black tea but considerably less time than ripe pu-erh.  The tea is then roasted over pine fire by hand to dry it.  Tian Jian is one of 7 types of "Jian" class hei cha produced in An Hua county of Hunan. 

The taste is strong and full in the mouth with hints of tobacco and pine smoke, but with a heavy thick sweetness and a golden viscous tea soup.