2008 Mu Ye Chun "Pu Er Zhuan" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

$40.00 USD

Brand: Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory

Weight: 250 Grams Brick

This is the first ripe tea brick production from the new Yong De division of the Shuangjiang Mengku tea factory. 2008 Yong De area tea was fermented for 45 days and thendried and graded. These different grade leaves were then blended to provide a nice balanced and textured flavor and compressed into these tasty bricks. Most of the newish fermented flavor has already left this tea but there is still room for improvement with age. The tealiquor is a deep red wine color that will become clearer and more beautiful with age. Yong De area fermented tea has a unique aroma and flavor with wood and earth tones, and a little incense spiciness!


250 grams brick