2006 Yang Pin Hao "8336" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake of Menghai

$47.00 USD

Brand: Yang Pin Hao

This is a classic Menghai styled blended raw pu-erh tea cake.  Produced by the Yang Pin Hao tea factory (in Menghai) from a blend of Nan Nuo and Bu Lang Spring 2006 harvested tea leaves, this has been aged for 11 years in Guangdong in a semi-wet condition.

This is an interesting tea and one that we feel demonstrates how interesting semi-wet stored teas from high quality materials can age.  The compression is medium+ level of compression, but it can be easily separated from the body of the cake.  We recommend brewing with the hottest water possible, but keeping steeping times short in the beginning.  Wash the tea once for a good 20-30 seconds to help awaken the tea and uncompress it.   There is a mustiness in the early infusions that will fade quickly with later infusions, but it doesn't detract from the overall complexity that this tea has to offer.  There is a cooling energy in the mouth and throat, the taste has some floral aspects, but is more heavily mushroom broth and unprocessed tobacco (not smoky).  There is an underlying sweetness that gradually builds and peaks around the 6th infusion (depends whether you brew a whole chunk and let it gradually open, or not). Later infusions, the sweetness remains and the mushroom broth body and viscosity remains.  Cha Qi is quite noticeable throughout the whole session and after.  An enjoyable aged raw pu-erh that performs well. 

***If you are not a fan of wet storage pu-erh then you probably either want to avoid this tea or just get a sample first.  The wrapper is bug-bitten and will arrive with damage.  As with other bug bitten pu-erh teas there can be some dust and detritus on the tea itself (it's shown in the pictures of the tea cake itself), and we won't take returns or offer refunds.  Get a sample first if you have any doubts about how you feel about bug bitten and wet stored pu-erh!


357 grams per cake (not available in tongs)

2006 Spring tea, 2006 pressing