2006 Jian Shen "Bang Mai Mountain Wild Tree" Pu-erh Tea Cake

$42.00 USD

Brand: Jian Shen Tea Factory

Jian Shen tea factory of Lin Cang is the original Lin Cang tea factory and has been arounf since the early 1990's. This particular cake is made from roughly 80 to 90 year old trees and has been sun-dried and compressed in the traditional method. Bang Mai mountain peaks at 2100 meters, making it one of the highest tea producing areas in Yunnan. It neighbors Wu Liang and Big Snow mountains. The infused tea is bitter and "cha qi" is strong. This tea is a good ager, but an enjoyable experience now for those who are fearless drinkers of "sheng pu".

Tea Weight: 357 grams
Vintage: Spring 2006