2006 Guoyan "Gui Fei" Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick

$28.00 USD

Brand: Mengyang Guoyan

Weight: 1 Brick (250 Grams)

This tea brick is pays homage to the "Gui Fei" (see wikipedia Yang Gui Fei) the title of the Emperor's Highest-Ranking concubine. Perhaps this tea was created to give the drinker a feeling of elegance and beauty? Whatever the rationale behind its illustrious title this tea is excellent! It is composed purely of first flush Spring material and blended just right to provide a good taste balancing future prospects and a good nutty and smooth, full-mouth feeling!

Producer: Guoyan Tea Factory
Process: Picked, sun-dried, and then compressed.
Vintage: 2006
Production area: Xi Shuang Banna