2005 Boyou 8592 Recipe Ripe Pu-erh Tea of Menghai

$6.00 USD

Brand: Boyou Tea Factory

Weight: 25 Gram Sample

Produced from 2005 Ripe material and blended in a similar way to Da Yi's 8592 cake. In 2007 the printed use of Da Yi recipe types was dis-allowed, so you won't see Bo You or other tea factories using 8592, 7572 etc. anymore! This tea has been aged for 5 years in Kunming and the taste is clean and smooth. The tea is mostly large leaf but has been fermented carefully, bringing out unique aroma and taste of the matured leaves. Brews up a super clear deep burgundy tea soup. A wonderful semi-aged ripe tea that can
be drunk now or put away for further aging.

Boyou tea factory was started by yet another ex-Menghai tea blender. Boyou is well known for showcasing Menghai tea mountains and making Ripe Pu-erhs that rival Da Yi ripe teas.