2004 Dehong "Ye Sheng Zhuan" Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick

$56.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This made entirely from Spring 2004 wild-harvested "Ye Sheng" varietal (Dehongensis) tea harvested in the mountains west of Mangshi area of Dehong prefecture (Yunnan province).

The compression is tight and the tea has been aged in both Dehong and Kunming.  The tea soup is orange-red in color as one would expect of a tea with this amount of aging.  The taste is so mellow and sweet, completely lacking the very bitter character that the younger ones have.  There is a mushroom broth sweetness with some vanilla notes.  There is some slight wet storage taste still remaining from its short time in Dehong. Subtle and textured all at the same time! 

A 2004 version that was 100% Kunming stored is available here!

Highly infusible tea, that will go 10+ steeps!

250 grams per brick (no wrapping or markings of any kind)