2003 CNNP "Yi Wu High Mountain Wild Arbor" Raw Pu-erh

$7.20 USD

Brand: CNNP

2003 Spring tea, classic CNNP Pure Yi Wu Mountain tea cake

This is a classic CNNP production from 2003. It is purely spring 2003 Yi Wu mountain tea and well-processed, with tight hand-rolling, hand done kill green process on the mountain and perfect compression. This tea has been aged in a third floor warehouse right here in Kunming. Very clean storage condition.

A pure Yi Wu tea with all the characterisitics of that area. A nutty flavor and deep golden tea liquor. There is a slight smokiness present in the early infusions. Wild arbor material lends this tea nice even and textured flavor.

Net Weight: 357 grams tea cake
Ingredients: Yunnan Large leaf varietal sun-dried tea
Produced by China Mational Native Products Import and Export Company (CNNP)