2003 Bu Lang Mountain Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick

$82.00 USD

Brand: Other Factories

A very strong tea from Bu Lang mountain area.  Purchased from a long time tea dealer in Foshan Guangdong who has stored it in their 2nd floor warehouse for 14 years after a deal gone bad.  Originally the tea was produced for a Malaysian tea seller in Penang who was planning to sell them as "Lao Ban Zhang" bricks because of their similar character (to Lao Ban Zhang). The tea langoured in Foshan for 14 years until now.  After more than a year of trying convince the seller, he's finally relented and offered me a limited quantity for re-sale.

Medium level of compression, the tea requires some extra steeping time at first to awaken the leaves, but once it gets going it's all smoke, leather, and flowers.  Very thick in the mouth, with a pungent long lasting taste and mouth-watering effect.  Goes many many infusions before losing steam.


An excellent tea, that reminds us why Bu Lang teas are so sought after!

250 grams per brick