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2002 CNNP "Lucky Brand Y671" Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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Brand: CNNP

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Lucky Brand is a 2000-2005 CNNP Brand logo. Most of the teas produced under the Lucky Brand were ripe pu-erh teas fermented in the Yiliang Tea Factory just 45 minutes outside of Kunming. Fermentation was done by the factory director Mr Bai Xiong (also an ex Menghai tea factory person).

Yiliang tea factory teas have a aromatic nature, some bitterness and are described by many Chinese pu-erh industry experts as having a kind of "roast-dried broadbean taste".

This tea was fermented in 2002, but was packed in 2004. Date on packaging is 2002 and reflects the end of the fermentation batch. The Y671 is Grade 3 ripe leaves and is heavier and stronger taste than the 2001 Y562.

Each box contains 100 grams of tea, is shrink-wrapped for retail and sealed plastic bag inside. Despite packaging tea does not taste new and does have a somewhat aged feel to it.