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2001 Gu Pu'er "Yin Hao Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Brand: Gu Pu Er Tea Factory of Simao

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Lovely Simao Aged Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha from Gu Pu'er Tea Factory. First flush of Spring 2001 material was graded and blended to make this "Yin Hao / Silver-Haired" tippy tuo cha.

Tight compression has protected it over the years allowing for a gradual aging in a tropical environment. Very clean, and a good example of "dry" wet storage! The brewed tea is thick and sweet with a floral nectar like pungency and fresh mushroom earthiness to it. Very thick and viscous in the mouth. Can be infused many rounds.

Truly a pleasure to drink this aged pu-erh. Affordable price for something 15 years of age!

50 grams per tuo, 5 tuo per bag.

** Some wrappers may be bug-bitten with little holes in the paper. There may also be some dust between the wrapper and the cake. Rinse tea once or twice briefly before drinking! If you are squeamish please don't order this tea!