1992 Tibetan Kang Brick Tea

$145.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

These "Kang" bricks were produced in a small tea factory (in the Province of Guizhou), and then sent to Tibet where they were stored in a family home for more than ten years before purchased by a friend in Kunming (who then sold them to me).  These are packaged in long (1 meter) bamboo baskets, about 20 to each length.  Traditionally these were carried on the backs of Sherpa or horses for thousands of kilometers.  Not so long ago teas like this were legal tender in Tibetan areas and were given in payment as a dowry, for a horse, etc.   The tea is boiled with yak butter to produce a form of yak butter tea.  Even if you don't have access to yak butter you can use regular creamy butter and a touch of salt (and sugar).

450 grams each (+/- 20 grams)

Vintage: Spring 1992 small-leaf varietal of "hei cha" material from Guizhou

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Stephen Colbert drinks this tea on his #tea4tuesday segment!  Just below that is a video review done by Scott!