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10 Years Aged "Jujube Aroma" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

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Brand: CNNP

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This is a small tea factory production but bearing the "nei fei" of the ubiquitous CNNP (China National Native Products Import and Export Company).  It's very common for such un-official productions to take place in the first half of the 2000's.  This brick was pressed from Menghai area ripe pu-erh tea leaves.  The wet piling (fermentation) level is medium, and the leaf grade is somewhat coarse with leaves ranging from grade 7 to Zao Xiang.  "Zao Xiang" is a coarse large leaf pick that has been wet piled to soften it.  With age these teas take on a Jujube aroma (Zao Xiang 枣香 means Jujube Aroma).

The brewed tea is sweet, a bit creamy, with a little bit just like a dried Jujube.  Very smooth tea and difficult to over-brew.  Not as dense or complex as some of the tippier ripes, but a good choice for late night tea or tea to drink medicinally (easy on the stomach).


250 grams per brick

2006 Production