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High Mountain "Xiong Di Zai" Small Batch Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Growing in Li Zi Ping Village near Phoenix Town "Xiong Di Zai" (brothers) tea varietal plants aged 80-150 years are growing naturally at an altitude of 1250 meters.  This particular varietal is from a pair of trees that grew side by side in the village hundreds of years ago.  The pair of trees produced for well over a hundred years, but then one died.  The remaining tree was then propagated in the village where it's still cultivated and picked today.

 The taste is strong, thick and sweet with notes of orchid.  The tea soup is a deep golden yellow hue and there is a a very strong milk aroma (nai xiang) in the after-taste.  

Late-April Harvest


Li Zi Ping Village, Feng Huang Town, Raoping County of Guangdong Province.

** Color and design of tin may differ somewhat from what is shown in the pictures.

***Tin may be damaged during transport. If you want a perfect tin, please do not order this product. No exchanges, refunds or credits for damaged tins.

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