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2017 Hai Lang Hao "Chu Jian" Gua Feng Zhai Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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$12.75 USD - $385.00 USD
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Entirely first flush old arbor tea leaves from the Bai Sha He area Gua Feng Zhai (白沙河刮风寨) in the Yi Wu mountains.  Chu Jian 初见 means "to meet for the first time".  When Hai Lang first tasted this tea he felt it was like meeting someone for the first time, even though he has drank scores of Gua Feng Zhai teas this one made a very strong impression on him.

The village of "Gua Feng Zhai" (刮风寨), one of the most remote villages in the area, it is just a few kilometres from the Laos-Yunnan border. The road to Gua Feng Zhai is just a dirt track that is only accessible by motorcycle if it's raining.  The tea from Gua Feng Zhai is typically picked and processed by the Yao Minority people who live there.  This special environment and unique processing lends the tea a special flavor that is unique among Yi Wu area teas.  

Highly potent cha qi, but taste is balanced and thick with sweet taste and pungent thick floral aroma!

An excellent example of Gua Feng Zhai!


400 grams per cake

Pressed with 40 kilogram stone press in the traditional manner.

Just 30 kilograms in total production

All cakes stone-pressed.  Just 84 cakes produced in total!


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