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2013 Cha Yu Lin "Gong Jian Tea" Hunan Anhua Hei Cha

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In old times "Gong Jian" 贡尖 tea was a tribute and enjoyed only by the aristocracy, but after the founding the People's Republic of China it became a popular tea with the common people. It is particularly popular in Hunan and Shaanxi (where it is also grown and processed), where it is enjoyed as one of the "San Jian" (lit. 三尖, three jian teas: Tian Jian, Sheng(Ye) Jian, and Gong Jian). Gong Jian tea in particular is sweet like rock sugar with a longan like fruitiness. It is the most mellow and viscous of the "San Jian" teas produced in Hunan and Shaanxi.

The processing of Hei Cha (in particular San Jian teas), the selection of raw materials, processing technique, growing region, soil, and the climate are all important factors in the outcome of the tea. Much like pu-erh the processing of Gong Jian (as well as Tian Jian) involves fermentation and so the water used, ambient temperature and processing all influence the level and type of microbes that bring changes to the tea (both during processing and during the aging process).

Our Gong Jian was grown in the Yan Xi 烟溪 area of An Hua county, a remote area with cold and misty weather much of the year. Processed and packed into 25 kilogram baskets, and then aged in An Hua until early 2019!

Smooth, sweet, fruity and viscous, this tea is very enjoyable to drink. Very easy on the tummy as well!

Spring 2013 harvested and processed

Region:  Yan Xi area of An Hua County in Hunan Province

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