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2008 Hai Lang Hao "Star of Bu Lang" Raw Pu-Erh Tea Cake

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3 years aged Mao Cha stored in Banna, golden tea soup!

Previously I thought Hai Lang's Lao Ban-E would be the final production from Hai Lang for 2008. This third and final production is a cooperation between Hai Lang and another tea seller. 3000 kilos of Mao Cha all from just 2 villages in Bu Lang mountain area of Banna was pressed into these cakes. The Mao Cha is Spring 2005 tea and has been fermenting for 3 years in it loose "mao cha" form. The result is a tea cake that feels, looks and tastes much more like a 5 year aged cake. This cake was pressed in the Shuang Yi tea factory and this bears the mark of that tea factory. However, you will notice that the outer ring pattern on the wrapper is the same as the 2008 HLH Lao Ban-E wrapper, as well as the “普洱生茶” sqaure mark is present on both wrappers.

Hai Lang's commentary on this tea: Tea leaves are burly and stout in structure. White hairs are abundant on many of the leaves, while other leaves are greenish-bronze (when dry). The brewed tea liquor is honey-gold colored with amber tones. The tea itself mouth-feel is evident and pungent with bitter taste that gradually changes into a thick plump feeling in the mouth and throat. It brings a mouth-watering feeling to the tongue and mouth and strong thick after-taste. This tea does not have any smoky flavors or aromas. The aroma at the bottom of the tea cup is pleasant and strong with a sweet nectar-like feeling. The "mao cha" was stored for 3 years in Bu Lang mountain area of Banna. This uncompressed storage condition in warmer more humid conditions has brought about a more aged taste and feeling. Coming from the heart of Bu Lang country this tea is a perfect representative of this area with its strong and intense character.

Net Weight: 357 grams tea cake
Ingredients: Yunnan Large leaf varietal sun-dried tea
Produced by Hai Lang Hao (pressing at the Shuang Yi tea factory)
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