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2007 Hai Lang Hao "Bu Lang Mountain" Wild Arbor Raw Pu-erh

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The second production from Hai Lang Hao this year! Composed entirely of first flush Spring 2007 raw material. This cake is composed entirely from material taken from 60 to 70 year old trees growing in a natural forest setting on Bu Lang mountain. Just 400 kilos were produced in total. We are thrilled to be able to these masterfully produced cakes!

Hai Lang the producer of this cake has this to say about itstaste and characteristics:There is a slight smokiness to the tea, but certainly aftera very short time it won't be present (noticeable). The tea's "qi" is very powerful,and the tea aroma is vibrant. "Huigan" is omni-present and comfortable. After drinking 3 or 4 infusions my stomach feels empty, still needs more infusions before the aroma of this tea isentirely revealed.The charm and personality of Bu Lang Mountain tea is present in this tea. The after-taste (hui gan) comesquickly and the taste and aroma lingers inthe mouth and throat for a long time. Very stimulating! The tea soup (tang se) is golden and thick. The infused leaves are orderly and mostlywhole. I believe one month later as the water (from the compression process) evaporates this tea will change for the better! Don’t mess with Bu Lang tea!

Producer: Hai Lang Hao
Vintage: Spring 2007 material, October 2007 pressing.
Production area: Bu Lang Mountain of Meng Hai county

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