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Wu Yi Shan "Huang Qi" Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2018

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This variety was developed by the Institute of Tea Research, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences from 1972 to 1993, and was selected from the natural hybrids of Huang Yan 黄棪 (aka Huang Jin Gui) and Bai Qi Lan 白奇兰. In 1994, the Fujian Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee approved the provincial variety. Due to the early emergence of buds and the more prominent aromas.

The plants are taller, the tree posture is half open, and the leaves are horizontal. Leaves oval, green leaves, rich luster, micro-uplift leaves, leaf edge is serrated, flat leaf, tip acuminate, leaf teeth more blunt and shallow thin, thick and crisp leaf quality. Yellow, green shoots, less hair, a bud of three-leaf hundred bud weight 65.0g. Corolla diameter 4.4cm, petals 6-7 petals, ovary with few hairs, styles 3-lobed.

The buds have strong fertility, dense germination, and strong tenderness. One sample of two buds of spring tea contains about 3.5% amino acids, 32.8% of tea polyphenols, 18.4% of catechins, and 5.2% of caffeine. Suitable for making oolong tea and green tea. The production of oolong tea and spring tea is suitable for mid-April, and the tight cords are densely packed and the color is brownish green. It has the characteristics of the “Qi Lan” variety, which is mellow, fresh and cool, and has a high production rate, when planted in deep garden soil.

Our "Huang Qi" offering is harvested from 12 to 16 year old tea bushes growing naturally in Wu Yi Shan area.  The tea is painstakingly processed over two months with several stages of roasting and resting.  The result is a full bodied tea with sweet and mineral character and lovely penetrating honey aroma.  This is a tea that is suitable for longer term aging and can be stored is kept airtight and in a cool dry place.

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