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Jinggu "Purple Plum Tippy" Sun-Dried Purple Tea

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The name of this tea is not only perfectly descriptive of the tea but also a tongue twister!  Try saying it quickly over and over again!

This is a lightly aged Pure Purple Bud pick from the Jinggu area of Simao (Yunnan Province). The tea is fried (kill-green), withered and sun-dried like pu-erh tea (but without the rolling), allowing for a tea that be successfully aged in open air (like pu-erh tea).  This tea was aged from Spring 2015 until Spring 2018 in a warm and moist Jinggu warehouse in a large sack.

The light aging has given this tea an incredibly complex and unique plum flavor. It's sweet and fruity, but also ever so slightly sour in the mouth.  Very thick and soupy, this lubricates the mouth and throat with a pleasant fruitiness.  Can be steeped 5 to 7 times gong fu style, we recommend using 90-95C water.

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