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Jianzhan "Cobalt Blue" Hand-Made Stoneware Gaiwan

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Our Jianzhan wares crafted by lifetime Jianzhan pottery veteran Wu Hong Hua. Jianzhan wares are from Jianyang town in Fujian Province.  They became popular during the Song Dynasty and were prized throughout China, Korea and Japan.  By the Ming Dynasty Jianzhan wares fell out of favor, but luckily the tradition was continued in Japan for centuries and was eventually re-introduced in it's original birthplace (Jianyang Fujian) in the 1990's. Jianzhan glazes are all basically the same, but due to different firing temperatures and positioning within the kiln the fired glazes are totally unique from eachother and are typically separated into five distinct styles.  

彩金 - rainbow, 兔毫 - rabbit fur, 油滴 - oil spot, 鳖甲盏 - tortoise shell, 雪鹧鸪盏 - partridge feathers

This particular gaiwan is glazed and fired (at 1300C) in the Oil Spot 油滴 Style.  It's dense and heavy in the hand, holds and retains heat wonderfully, and generally elevates the tea brewing experience!

Here's a great video (in Chinese) that discusses the history and process of creating Jianzhan wares.

Volume 200ml (+/- 10ml)

Each Gaiwan comes in it's own gift box**

**Gift Box may differ somewhat from that in the picture

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