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Competition Grade Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea of Gande Village

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$6.00 USD - $517.00 USD
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This is the highest grade of Tie Guan Yin we have ever come across. It's unique to Gan De village and cannot be beaten in terms of taste and aroma. It can be infused many, many times with each infusion yielding a distinctive thick "Guan Yin" aroma and taste. Expansive in the mouth and throat. Being grown naturally and hand-processed at every stage makes this tea best of the best!

We are now offering two styles of processing for this amazing tea!  

1.  Gao Xiang - High Aroma (Our Original Offering)

For teas with a high fragrance, the withering time needs to be longer, and the surface of the leaves is more intensely rolled and rubbed. It is also important to control the degree of 'killing the green' and the level of fermentation. The intrinsic substances of the tea leaves pour out in the first few infusions, whether it be the aroma or the soup feel, all concentrated in the first three or four infusions. Therefore, not rinsing the tea and drinking the first brew directly ensures that none of its essence is wasted.

2.  Hua Xiang - Floral Aroma (Newly Offered!)  We started offering this style with the Autumn 2023 Harvest!

The fragrance is stronger, more traditional. The withering time is short, and the epidermis of the leaves is not too severely damaged. As long as the shaking and drying process is well controlled in terms of strength and duration, the fragrance will slowly come out. The substances that can dissolve in water do so gradually. Therefore, while the tea soup may appear light, it actually has a charming subtlety and leaves a lingering fragrance in the mouth. Its endurance for multiple infusions is excellent!

Each Harvest is typically Limited to just 20-30 kilograms in total.

Comes pre-packed in 7 gram individual packs. Each pack has two layers two seal the tea in and ensure freshness. We recommend you store in your freezer sealed in plastic until the time of brewing.

* Color and style of outer packaging shown in the pictures may differ from that given.

** Actual colors of the tea may vary somewhat from pictured.  Purchase the smallest amount to try before purchasing larger amounts.

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