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DHL Double Hop to Canada - Our Very Own Homegrown Solution to Small Parcels

DHL Double Hop to Canada Launched!
Since the China Post e-Packet prices to Canada are so high now and their service is rather slow and unreliable, we created our own Small Parcel service!

Why did we do this?
Rather than having DHL as the sole option for shipping smaller orders to Canada from, DHL Double Hop was created to fill the gap. DHL is a great choice if you want to get 2kg or more of items, OR want something delivered in 7-10 business days, but it's not an economical option for many people, at least not directly to Canada from Yunnan.

DHL Double Hop is now available for parcels with gross weights (products and packaging) of less than 2kg and is quite a bit more affordable than DHL. The time to delivery is 12-24 business days, with final delivery by DHL or USPS.

How does it work?
The idea is simple. We take orders on, and those that choose DHL Double Hop have their orders prepared and consolidated with other DHL Double Hop orders. Once we have about 50 kilograms (usually taking between 2 and 4 days to accumulate enough) we ship it by DHL to our facility in the USA where we then ship each order by DHL or USPS to you! You can still get some of the speed of DHL, only without the cost!

How does tracking work?
You'll get an email once your consolidated shipment leaves Yunnan, but you won't receive a tracking number at that time. This email is just to let you know that the consolidated shipment is on its way to our US warehouse. Once that shipment has arrived at our warehouse, we will then ship your parcel by DHL or USPS and you'll receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number.

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