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Yixing Qing Shui Ni Clay Easy Gaiwan For Gong Fu Cha

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Lovely Yixing Qing Shui Ni Clay "easy gaiwan" makes brewing tea gong fu style easy!   No need to position your fingers or the gaiwan lid just right to make it all happen!  Just add, add water, wait, and pour!  It's easier with and easy gaiwan!

The clay is a Qing Shui Ni clay, which is a common clay in Yixing. Qing Shui Ni could be literally translated as "Clear Water Mud" in English. It basically stands for those ore that is not "specially selected or blended," so the color and feeling of this clay is more primitive as well, which represents the classical character of Yixing clay.  "Qing Shui Ni" (清水泥).  It is a very common material for Yixing teapots, making it a foundational ore, which supports the economy of Yixing production even today.

Mining area: western Fudong township of Yixing city
Kiln temperature: approx. 1090 C.
Contraction: approx. 43%-52%.


Gaiwan Volume is 175ml (+/- 10ml)

Large Cup Volume is 130ml (+/- 10ml)

Small Cup Volume is 60ml (+/- 10ml)

Bottom Seal: 中国宜兴

Seal on handles and top of lid: 福

Recommended to season and dedicate to one type of tea!  Here's our video on how to do that!


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