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2005 Hai Lang Hao “Jing Gu Da Bai Cha” Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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$8.50 USD
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Composed of Jing Gu Large White Pekoe varietal from Yang Ta village in Simao. An ancient arbor tea from early spring 2005, featuring prominent thick and stout tea leaves with fat hairy buds. The tea has been dry-aged in Hai Lang’s Kunming warehouse. Compression is medium to tight, but due to several years of aging it has loosened the cake a bit and it’s easy to pry leaves off the cake without too much breakage. The brewed tea smells of grass and flowers with underlying thick sweetness. The first few infusions gradually open the leaves each infusion more complex than the previous. The tea has tastes of sugarcane and some orchid aroma. The tea can be infused upwards of ten infusions and with each infusion there is a refreshing new dimension revealed. A subtle but extremely memorable and enjoyable tea. By all means take the time to examine and appreciate the brewed leaves before composting!

Total of 1500 cakes produced!

For more information about Yang Ta village read about our 2010 trip to Yang Ta!

Jing Gu Yang Ta village – A Natural Tea Garden

Cake weight: 357 grams
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