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2011 Gao Jia Shan "Hei Cha Zhuan" Wild Tea of Hunan

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Wild Hei Cha from Yun Tai Mountains. This is the original An Hua tea varietal that has grown in the mountains of Gao Jia Shan and Yun Tai Shan for centuries (maybe longer). This is part of Gao Jia Shan's Wild Tea Series.

Hei Zhuan 黑砖 is a unique An Hua style of tea that is based on Qian Liang Tea. It's a blend of grade 2,3 and 4 sized leaves. It is different from Fu Brick in that it does not have golden flowers 金花. It is quite similar to "Hua Zhuan" 花砖, but uses a larger ratio of coarse/large leaves in its blend (Hua Zhuan blend is a bit smaller average leaf size). Keep in mind that the size/grade of leaves influences the taste, but it should not be equated with "quality." For example, although all Hei Zhuan are blended from a similar ratio of leaf grades/sizes, this offering (being from wild high altitude tea trees picked in spring), will outshine another Hei Zhuan that was (for example) harvested from plantation bushes during the second spring flush. Age is another factor, but we won't get into that!

Each Brick is 1 Kilogram. If you order anything other than a whole brick you will get pieces.

Harvested in April 2011, pressed in August 2011

Region:  Gao Jia and Yun Tai Mountains, An Hua County of Hunan

We are also offering the "Hua Zhuan" 花砖 from 2011 here!

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