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Snow Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Tea from the Kunlun Mountains

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Snow Chrysanthemum tea is a rare and highly sought after high altitude (3000 meters) flower tea from the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang province.  The tea is picked and sun-dried once a year then hand-sorted into various grades.  We offer only the highest grade available!

Our Snow Chrysanthemum Buds have a unique taste that is a bit different from the opened flowers we sell here.  These are picked while still buds and then dried in the high altitude sun to cure them.  The aroma of the buds is thick and pungent.  Sweet and floral.  The brewed tea is sweet, honey-like with a light flower and cooling mint-like taste.  The tea soup is gold-red and the buds can be infused 8 to 10 times if brewed gong fu style.

A lovely tea with strong sweet and spiced flavor, it can be brewed alone or with other teas (like ripe pu-erh or black tea).  It's a great tea to drink after dinner and has no caffeine.

A highly enjoyable drink.  Try mixing with ripe pu-erh or black tea for a lovely gong fu experience!

You need to store this airtight and keep in a cool and dry place to keep it fresh!

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