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Old Bush "Flower Aroma" Shui Xian Oolong Tea

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“Lao Cong” (or old bush) Shui Xian is grown in the Jiulongke area of Wu Yi. Jiulongke is included in the “Zheng Yan” (lit. “Proper Rock”, meaning strictly the original area of Wu Yi Mountain) area of Wu Yi Mountain. This Lao Cong is grown and picked from 100-150 year old bushes. Shui Xian is the oldest varietal of Rock Oolong and has been grown in Wu Yi for several hundred years.

Our Lao Cong Shui Xian has been tirelessly processed by hand with several stages of roasting and resting. The result is a velvety thick Shui Xian, with that special blend of complex umami, mushroom and roasted cannabis smell and taste. Difficult to describe. This is a tea that is perfect for long or shorter term aging. The roasting has prepared it for the long haul and I’d expect within a few months when the roasting taste has settled this tea will really start start to shine like the superstar that it is!

Late-April Harvest

Area: Jiu Long Ke (Wu Yi Shan, Fujian)

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