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Mini Bamboo Tray for Chiseling Away at your Pu-erh tea cake * 13x13x2cm

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This is a smaller bamboo tray that is ideal for cakes and bricks generally smaller than 200g (cakes and bricks vary in shape and size, only cakes and bricks between 13x13cm will fit. Please check the dimensions of the cake or brick you wish to use in this before you order). Also excellent for displaying and analyzing the quality of loose-leaf teas!

Convenient and safe method for chiseling away at your pu-erh tea! You might be asking yourself "Do I really need this?" If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then definitely need this tray!
1 - Have you ever put the tea in your lap to try and chisel away at it only to have it fall all over the floor?
2 - Have you ever stabbed your leg or groin trying to chisel away at your favorite tea cake or brick?
3 - Would you enjoy baffling your friends and family with a highly specialized tea technology device that only you know the use for?

** When chiseling away at a Pu-erh cake or brick, please take care to place this tray on a flat, level surface and always point the chiseling device AWAY from your body and supporting hand in order to avoid injury **

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