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2019 Xiaguan "5 Star Banpen Gu Shu" Raw Pu-erh Tea Iron Cake

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$8.25 USD - $473.00 USD
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This is a spring 2018 pressing from entirely Ban Pen village older tea trees.  Ban Pen village is in the Bu Lang mountains and is one of closest villages to Lao Ban Zhang.  Ban Pen tea is very well balanced, and tends to be sweeter and less aggressive compared to Lao Ban Zhang or Lao Man'e neighbors.

This is pressed into an iron cake, one of the classic Xiaguan "shapes" for pressing pu-erh.  This helps lock in the flavor of the tea and stabilize slow down the aging process.  For tropical climates it's very useful but for drier climates it will help preserve the tea's Ban Pen character.

This is pressed under the Nan Zhao sub-brand of Xiaguan!  A premium brand that celebrates the ancient Nan Zhao Kingdom of Dali!

An excellent tea worthy of it's price!

357 Grams per cake (7 cakes per paper tong in gift box)

***Box may be damaged in transit. No refunds or credits will be issued and no returns will be accepted for a damaged box. If you want a perfect box, please do not order the boxed item since we cannot guarantee a box in perfect condition.***

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