Yunnan Black Tea - 2017 Spring

Black tea from Yunnan is among the most robust but refined black teas produced in the whole world! Typically Yunnan Black teas are made from Assamica or Assamica hybrid. Since the end of the Second World War Yunnan Black teas have steadily increased in popularity and in the last 20 years a series of interesting hybrids were developed that greatly enhanced both the diversity and taste of the tea! Black teas vary according to their hybrid, harvest season, pick style, and processing! Hybrids include:

  1. Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica, which is the original assamica varietal, it is not an intentional hybrid.
  2. Yun Kang #10, a drought-resistant hybrid of Sinensis and Assamica that is tippy and sweet, with malty notes.
  3. Yun Kang #100, similar to #10, but has larger and fatter buds.
  4. Chang Ye Bai Hao, the tips are more pronounced and one side of the leaves will be downier than the other side!
  5. Wild tree varietal (野生) is a Assamica Kuntze varietal that grows wild and is quite rare. It was only the last few years that it was processed into Black tea. The tea is sour and thick when young, but ages well and develops textures of red wine and fruit with a little age.
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