Zheng Yan "Hua Guo Xiang" Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea

$6.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Da Hong Pao is the quintessential Wu Yi Rock Oolong varietal.  Our Zheng Yan 正岩Hua Guo Xiang (花果香 Flower Fruit Aroma) was harvested in May 2018 and tirelessly processed through roasting and resting, and only available for sale by mid-June (this is fairly typical for Wu Yi rock oolongs).

The tea leaves come from mature bushes that grow in an area with heavy mineral content in the soil.  This superb (and classic) environment for Rock Oolongs is felt when cupping this divine tea!  Thick, sweet, viscous, and complex with tons minerality, cannabis, fruit and flower tastes melded together into something that is better experienced than talked about.

Zheng Yan (正岩) refers to the protected areas of the Wu Yi Heritage site.  It's a protected area separate from the scenic area and outsiders are not allowed inside.  The "Zheng Yan Growing Area" refers to these tea gardens: tiānxīn yán/天心岩, mǎ tóu yán/马头岩, huìyuàn/慧苑, zhú kē/竹窠, bì shí/碧石, yànzi kē/燕子窠, jiǔlóng kē/九龙窠, yù cháyuán/御茶园, yù huā dòng/玉花洞, shuǐ lián dòng/水帘洞, fo guó/佛国, táohuā dòng/桃花洞, guìlín/桂林, sān yǎng fēng děng děng/三仰峰等等.


4.5 kilograms in total

Late April- Early May 2018 Harvest

Medium Level of Roast