"Chun Lan" Wu Yi Mountain Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2018

$8.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

"Chun Lan" aka Spring Orchid (春兰) is a unique and quite rare varietal from Wu Yi mountains in Fujian.  Grown on rocky outcroppings near Xing Cun Zhen west of Wu Yi town.  It's grown by the same family that grows our Zi Hong Pao and both are grown naturally without the use pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Chun Lan is a rare varietal and grown by only a few families in the Wu Yi area.  Leaf size is medium-large and yield is similar to that of Da Hong Pao.  Chun Lan processing requires great skill to bring out the very character which it's namesake bears.  Processing requires several stages of roasting and resting to achieve the very strong Orchid Aroma and taste this tea has.  Drinking it is like drinking the essence of orchids and longan fruit with hints of cannabis and mushroom soup savory sweetness to round it out.

Another incredible Wu Yi Rock Oolong to add to your collection, and one that is both rare and exceptional!

Early May 2018 picking.  Roasted and rested for 3 months

Area:  Xing Cun Zhen near Wu Yi in Fujian