2004 Ye Sheng Cha and Sun-Dried Wild Buds Raw Pu-erh Tea

$14.00 USD

Brand: Jiu Wan Tea Factory

4.2 star rating 6 Reviews

Made from the sun-dried buds and leaves from the "ye sheng" varietal wild tea growing in the mountains of Yong De!  This 5kg tael tea (log) was hand-made using a bamboo frame and a rope to compress it!  Aged for 10 years this tea has developed into something entirely unique.  Thick ye sheng vegetal sweetness meets floral pine sweetness to create a incredibly textured and bold tea!

Whole 5kg log available for purchase, as well as lesser quantities.  Please sample first before buying a whole log or even a larger quantity!  It's a great tea, but it's not everyone's cup of tea!


Vintage: Spring 2004

Area:  Yong De county, Lincang prefecture, Yunnan Province