Sipsby Collection

We're excited to be partnering with Sipsby, and have created this collection of teas from your Sipsby Box along with some of our other offerings that we think you will enjoy! We like to encourage people to brew tea "Gong Fu Style". We think this is the best way to enjoy our teas. Of course, all our teas are still great any way you choose to enjoy them! Here's a link to our Basic Brewing Guidelines with a downloadable PDF : YS Brewing Guidelines

Since 2004, Yunnan Sourcing has been providing Yunnan Pu-erh, Green, Black, White and Oolong teas to retail and wholesale customers all over the world. In addition to offering brand name and small label Pu-erh teas, they produce their own premium Yunnan Sourcing Brand pu-erh teas.

"We love Yunnan Sourcing’s commitment to sourcing high quality and affordable teas. Whether you’re looking for something to drink every day or something to store and age over time, Yunnan Sourcing will have the tea for you." - Sipsby

We are based in Yunnan, China - The Birthplace of Pu-erh Tea. Please choose your Shipping Option wisely. Though all methods are safe and reliable, delivery can range from weeks to months depending on the option you choose. Please choose wisely! Don't hesitate to ask us for help! Cheers! Click for our Shipping, Refunds, and Delivery Policy.   

Click here for our US based site, shipping from the Pacific Northwest: