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2000 Yi Wu Shan Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick

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Brand: Other Factories

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Guangdong stored raw pu-erh brick from Spring 2000 Yi Wu tea leaves. The brick is medium to tight compression which has preserved the character of this despite it wettish storage. Early infusions have a slight floral and damp wet storage taste, but this quickly dissipates as the tea leaves loosen and de-compress (after 3 or 4 infusions). After these initial few infusions the tea become thick, ruddy and complex. There is camphor, spice and mushroom broth present and is stable but subtly changing for 7 to 8 additional infusions. By infusion 11 or 12 the tea settles into an amiable still thick and sweet experience that will go several more rounds.

This brick's original wrappers were torn badly and have been removed, and as such this will come in generic white cake paper.  There was once a small red ribbon in each of the bricks but was removed by tea factory right after pressing because the customer didn't ask for the red ribbon.  On most of the bricks this is barely noticeable.

This is a truly aged raw pu-erh.  It's really very enjoyable and unique tea that goes many rounds.  It's very affordable for 17 year old tea.  Please buy a sample and try it before committing to buy a whole brick!


Vintage:  Spring 2000

Area:  Yi Wu

Weight:  250 grams