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Jingdezhen Tian Mu Glazing and 999 Silver Cha Hai * 250ml

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This stunning cha hai (serving pitcher) is a blend of Jingdezhen porcelain and 999 silver.  Pure Silver is liquified and poured into the glazed Jingdezhen Porcelain. This is done 3 times to build a triple layer of silver that retains and distributes heat resulting in a superior brewing experience! .  The result is an eye-catching piece that also brews tea very well. 

Tian Mu glazing style is a multi-stage glazing process that results in a incredibly textured feeling that also gives the feeling of depth and dimension.

Volume 250ml (+/- 10ml)

* Being silver coated some of the roughness from the inner unglazed part of the cha hai may be noticeable as specks or bumps in the silver.