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2012 Mu Ye Chun "Early Spring" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Brand: Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory

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2012 marks the sixth year of the Mu Ye Chun brand of premium teas! This tea is produced by the Yong De sub-branch of the Mengku Shuangjiang tea factory. It is composed of entirely high-altitude first flush spring raw material from Yong De area of Lin Cang, a totally different area than classic Mengku teas come from.This year's Mu Ye Chun has a high percentage of early spring wild arbor material.  The flavor is smooth and richly textured with complex flavors and great mouth-feel.  This is a slightly different blend than the 2008 Old Tree and the 2007 Mu Ye Chun 001, 002, 003 series.

Product Name: Mengku Mu Ye Chun "Early Spring" Raw tea cake
Net Weight: 400 grams
Ingredients: Sun-dried and blended Yongde area Pu-erh tea
Produced by Mengku Tea Factory Yong De Sub-Branch