2015 Sen Zhi Kui Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake of Jingmai

$32.00 USD

Brand: Sen Zhi Kui Tea House

5.0 star rating 1 Review

Weight: 1 Cake (357 Grams)

This tea cake is made entirely of Spring 2015 material from Jingmai.

Sen Zhi Kui (森之馈), meaning 'Gift of the Forest', is a small label that is passionate about producing great tasting teas with distinct characteristics.

This tea gives off the characteristic aroma of Jingmai teas. It has a pleasant mouthfeel with a 'fresh' taste and hints of bitterness that smoothes into a soft, lingering sweetness. 

An inexpensive raw pu-erh tea which is ready for drinking now or could be stored for further developments in complexity.


Tea weight:  357 grams per cake

Producer:  Sen Zhi Kui

Area:  Jingmai (Lancang county, Simao)